Eva's Waltz

Mel Wright
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Eva’s Waltz

Published September 2006

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Soho – London, 1943. Polish émigré Lenny, is busy scraping a living as a drummer around the new jitterbugging jazz dives - fuelled by the American troops arriving in the city. He’s also trying to win the heart of Sonia, the elusive, fiery diva, and, along with newly recruited sidekick Al, a black GI trumpeter, they form a band, dodge the bombs, the police and hard-nosed spivs - with the drummer’s black market stash in tow.

Meanwhile, unbeknown to Lenny, Hitler’s hidden mistress, Eva Braun has taken a liking for a waltz that he and his brother composed and recorded in the Thirties….Then - Eva’s scheming, future brother-in-law, SS officer Hermann Fegelein arrives on the scene, discovers the tune’s origins and takes an unwelcome interest!

Throughout the story, the waltz remains at the centre, dramatically, romantically and surprisingly connecting these divided and disparate groups of people.

Fiction/General £6.99                                  Cover design: Lucy Dean





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